A geometric, sans-serif typeface created from repurposed hand lettering on a 1901 CNJ steam locomotive. Drawing inspiration from industry and technology, Castor captures an aesthetic that celebrates human endeavor beyond the 21st century.

April 2018 — June 2018
Illustrator, Glyphs, Pen/Pencil, Vellum
Visual Design, Typography
Design a typeface based on an existing typographic image.
+ My Role

I was responsible for creating 14 of the characters as well being the "Type Master" of our team. That essentially means I was responsible for taking everyone's characters from Illustrator and putting them into Glyphs to create the final .otf file, going over small construction details and kerning to ensure consistency.

+ Beginnings

We found our inspiration for Castor Sans on the side of a 1901 CNJ steam locomotive. Based on the letters depecited, we started handrawing the forms on vellum for quick iterations to develop the style and key measurements for the rest of the typeface. We iterated on these concepts for two weeks.

+ 1901 CNJ Steam Locomotive
+ Illustrator

After defining our key measurements from hand drawing our letters we took those measurements and recreated all of our letters in Illustrator. This also resulted in many weeks of iterations, further refining consistency and form.

+ Glyphs

After getting them to a good level in Illustrator we transferred our letters to Glyphs to create the final .otf file and define our kerning measurements. I complied everyone's Glyph files into a final .otf, ensuring consistency in the form and kerning.

+ Critique
FINAL Product
+ Teamwork

I had a ton of fun working on this project not only because designing a typeface was a good challenge but because of my great team members. When designing a typeface, consistency is key and that means we had to work very closely together at all times when developing this. Everyone put in a really good effort and I feel that we were all happy with the outcome.