A hypothetical system designed for the hair products company Prose in efforts to alleviate uncertainty when selecting one of their personalized hair care products. It features an IOT connected smart hair brush that pairs with a companion app to ensure product fit accuracy and effectiveness over time.

Mary Wojnar, Noya Dolev
April 2018 — June 2018
Illustrator, XD, After Effects, Premiere Pro
Interaction Design, Visual Design, Videography
Design a new interaction model for a common experience utilizing a speculative technology.
A Primer
+ My Role

I conducted research, ideated concepts, created wireframes, and produced the final deliverable. This included designing and animating the mobile app, and filming and editing the video.

+ Why an existing company?

We chose to design for an existing company because we thought it would be interesting to try to design a new interaction model built off of a system that was already in place.

+ Analysis

We started by completing a task analysis for Prose's current system for ordering their products. Through this we discovered some pain points in the process. The first is that identifying the correct formula can be difficult for some users. When individuals are able to visit a stylist, all is well considering the stylists are experts in Prose’s guidelines and can easily identify the traits of an individual’s hair.


The issue with this is that Prose stylists are only located in New York City and San Francisco and even if an individual happens to live there, booking an appointment can still be expensive. As an alternative, Prose offers an online quiz that asks individuals about their own hair traits which can lead to uncertainty when one is not versed in hair attributes.

1. How can we ensure users receive the same level of care and accuracy regardless of their geographical location?

2. How can we alleviate uncertainty for users less experienced with hair care vocabulary?

3. How can we help users ensure the product is working over time?
+ Brainstorming

After defining questions during our research we started our ideation process. Looking widely to see what type of design would fit appropriate for Prose's existing product ecosystem.


We generated 50 ideas keeping in mind that we wanted to create a system that would build upon Prose's current model rather than replace it completely.

The design
+ The Prose Smart Brush

After our ideation we refined and condensed our ideas and came up with the answer to our questions while still keeping in line Prose's existing product ecosystem. The Prose Smart Brush, a device that individuals can purchase to accurately determine their correct Prose product. It does this by collecting a wealth of data on one's hair through an array of advanced sensors.


Users have access to this data through the Prose Smart Brush app, which provides hair insights and updates their Prose formula proactively. This enables individuals to receive professional level hair advice on demand and in their own homes. With this data, the Prose Smart Brush can also monitor future hair health to ensure that one’s Prose formula is working as it should.

+ Wireframes
+ Storyboard
FInal video Prototype