Web3 Experiments
Image depicting a gradient with multiple colors blurring together.
Project Details
Project Type
Personal Side Project
Design and Development
Dec 2021 — Ongoing

To better understand the emerging world of Web3 I took the SuperHi course on crypto. The following experiments are the creations I made while taking the course. While these experiments are basic in nature it was a ton of fun to start exploring the possibilities of the Web3 design space.

Experiment 01

Tippy is a basic portfolio site with the ability to accept ETH as a tip. A visitor can input an amount, connect any browser based ETH wallet, and send a tip to a fixed ETH address.

I set up a test blockchain using Ganache to make sure transactions were successful without spending money on gas.

I also had some fun implementing a light and dark mode toggle that detects a visitor's preference and then gives them the ability to switch between modes.

View the live version
More experiments coming soon